The opportunity is HUGE. The opportunity of getting paid in residuals even after you stop working! It’s an opportunity of a life time which will pay for a very long time. We at Prepaid Income will teach you how to make money introducing international calling to your circle of people you know.It all depends on how much time you are willing to spend towards your business and how much money you would like to make. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme and WILL require you to put time and effort to get results. Like any good businessman you have to be sincere, hard working and have a positive attitude.

Like James, who made $210 in spendable cash in his first 60 days ...

James is one of our favorite Agent. He’s a full-time working father of two who was struggling to make ends meet every month before he discovered Prepaid Dollars. His story represents his individual success with Prepaid Dollars.

Are his results typical of what you will achieve? If you listen closely, James said he spent time working the methods on his lunch break and again for an hour or two after his kids are in bed. He made $210 in 60 days in his spare time.Now, he can stop giving away free offer and STILL make close to $210 a month.

You will not get rich - but imagine if you made that $15-25 per day every day for an entire month. That is $450-$750 a month, which is definitely an achievable goal, and an amount of money that would probably be enough to improve your life.

If getting rich quickly is something you are looking for, you are at the wrong place. Please STOP reading. You will be wasting your time. Our program is NOT a get rich quick scheme and you will NOT make thousands of dollars in few weeks. Of Course, there is a potential to make thousands if you are seriously working hard and follow the system. But, our program is for people who have a full/part time job and would like to make few hundred dollars extra every month without giving up their existing job. Even $15 a day in income adds up to $450 a month! What can you do with that money? Make your car payment, pay monthly insurance, pay off that credit card...its limitless what you can do with that extra money. The beautiful thing is you can do this as long as you want, work as hard as you want and when you decide to take a break you will still get paid for all the work you did. It’s a residual system where you are making money even when you are sleeping! How great is that? You WILL thank me later when you see that check coming in every month :)

Now, you must be wondering how is all this possible. Well, we will teach you step by step using our proven approach. The nice thing about this program is you can make money online as well as offline. Most of our successful consultants work offline as well as online. We will teach you how to make money online using your existing email list, Facebook, twitter, as well as Google, Yahoo and MSN. We will also show you how to make money signing up retailers and individuals. It’s one of a kind system where you make money online and offline and get residual payments even after you stop working towards it. You can be at the beach sipping cocktails while your residual is getting accumulated.

How is it possible??

Well, we will show you how to make some real money in your spare time by offering your self, friends, family, co-workers, and strangers by giving away FREE international/ long distance calling. Even if you do not make international/ long distance calls its very likely that your co-workers, friends and family do. Even if they don’t, you can always offer the service to strangers since you are not selling them anything..you are offering them the service for FREE. No Obligation, No Credit Card...Nothing whatsoever.Prepaid long distance service is a multi billion dollar industry and most of the people place some kind of long distance or international calls. There are over 120 million immigrants who make international calls.Imagine, if you can make money on every minute they call...for as long as they use the service . More the minutes add up ..more money you are getting paid. And the only thing you have to do is introduce the service to them...and we make it easier for you to introduce the service since you will have the opportunity to give them FREE international calling.People love the service so much that the satisfaction rate is over 85%. Now, once the customer tries the service and reuse it every time, you are making money. Imagine making money every time they pick up the phone and make calls...you are making money. How sweet is that.

3 easy steps to make money...

  • Talk to your friends, family, co-workers and offer them free international/ long distance calling service.
  • They TRY the service and reuse it...
  • The more they talk..the more money you make.

YOU also get PAID for using the service for your own calls. So, not only are you getting paid to use the service, you are making money on everyone you introduced the service to..on every minute they call.

Ok, i am excited, have few hours to spare and ready to work hard. How do i get started?

Before we sign you up i would like to remind again that this is NOT a quick rich scheme. It will require some hours to be spend, offline and/or online at your convenience to be successful. We will show you exactly how to offer the service for FREE to customers online and offline, and make sure they are using the service over and over again. You will also be able to look up reports and check your income online. Our library of files and video demos will guide you through whole process but only after you become a member. Member Benefits.

You own website to promote the product online.
Online access to reports and residual income.
Print material to promote offline.
Brochures, Advertisement etc.

So, you have to think...are you ready to invest $49 (Really, a check for small family dinner at a restaurant) for a steady secondary income? If yes, then click here to become a member and soon you will be on your way depositing extra money in your bank every month.