How much will I pay to call my country?
You just pay per minute, No Gimmicks, No tricks..Click here to check your rates.
Do I have to pay different calling rates if I am a customer or an Agent?
No, you pay the same rates but once you become a Agent you get 15% off on your own calls and also make 5% residuals on the people you refer.
Can I be a customer first and then become Agent at a later time.
Yes, you can keep on enjoying great calling rates and become an Agent when you want to make an extra income every month.
If I become a Agent is my money refundable?
No. Just because of the confidential nature of the opportunity we cannot refund you your agent fees. Please become a Agent only when you are absolutely convinced.
How many people can I offer $1 free calling after I become Agent?
You can refer the service and offer $1 free calling to as many new customers as you like.
How do I get 15% off my own calls after I become Agent?
15% of your total monthly call amount will be paid to you as a residual once a month. For Example: If you spent $100 on your own calls then you will receive a check for $15. 100 x 15% = $15
What kind of support do Agents get?
We support you with marketing material like fliers, posters and online website for Agents to built their business online as well as offline.
How do i know how much residual income i am making?
Agents have access to detailed online reports where they can see their total sales and income.