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Congratulation on your decision to become an Agent. This will probably be one of the best decision you have ever made. We will show you exactly how to make money while helping people make international calls at a great discount for them.

Make Money using free services below to built your residual..
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Your Friends and Family
  • Your Contacts and even strangers.
  • Talk to your friends, family, co-workers and offer them free international/ long distance calling service.
  • They TRY the service and reuse it...
  • The more they talk..the more money you make.

YOU also get PAID for using the service for your own calls. So, not only are you getting paid to use the service, you are making money on everyone you introduced the service to..on every minute they call.

Ok, i am excited, have few hours to spare and ready to work hard. How do i get started?

Before we sign you up i would like to remind again that this is NOT a quick rich scheme. It will require some hours to be spend, offline and/or online at your convenience to be successful. We will show you exactly how to offer the service for FREE to customers online and offline, and make sure they are using the service over and over again. You will also be able to look up reports and check your income online. Our library of files and video demos will guide you through whole process but only after you become a member. Member Benefits.

  • You own website to promote the product online.
  • Online access to reports and residual income.
  • Print material to promote offline.
  • Brochures, Advertisement etc.

So, you have to think...are you ready to invest $49 (Really, a check for small family dinner at a restaurant) for a steady secondary income? If yes, then click below to become a member and soon you will be on your way depositing extra money in your bank every month.

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